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The British Othello Federation is an independent body. We promote the game of Othello (also often called Reversi, particularly on a number of online game sites) in the UK and organise tournaments around the country. We also send a team of 4 players to represent Britain in the World Championships, which this year will be held in Prague - Official Site:

The Othello game can be bought from a number of retailers - click on the Where to Buy Othello link or phone John Adams' Customer Services on 01480 414361.

If you are new to the game (and would like to learn how to play), why not check out the 'Rules of Othello®' or visit the Othello Gateway. You'll be amazed at how simple it is to play and pretty soon you'll understand why people describe Othello as 'A Minute to Learn, A Lifetime to Master'.

If you know the basic rules (and would like to play better), why not download Othello: Brief & Basic. A strongly recommended book to improve one's game for over 20 years.

Stuck for an opponent? There are plenty of sites on the net where you can play with people from all over the world. It's a great way to keep in touch with other members of the Othello playing community. Click on Where to Play Online. Or why not download a computer version. WZEBRA is an excellent opponent. Click on Downloads - this program is FREE.

Want to practice in the game's closing moments? There is Happy End. Want to improve your game generally? - The e-book "Othello: A minute to learn...A lifetime to master" is excellent material written by a former World Champion. Both of these are also free - click on Downloads.

You might now want to meet other players in the flesh? Attending a tournament is a great way to do this and for first-time players, a BOF-organised event is free. You'll find them very friendly affairs, no matter what your level. Click on Tournaments.

Of course joining the BOF is a great way to hear about what is going on in the game. This couldn't be easier! Simply follow the 'How to Join' link to the left and you can become a member online. As a member you will receive our newsletter twice a year and, more importantly, you can take part in more of our tournaments. Others are to join the British Othello mailing list and to the group on Facebook.

Want to receive updates on the latest UK Othello® news? Then why not subscribe to the British Othello mailing list.

And finally! Why not download some of our previous newsletters. These contain fascinating articles about Othello strategy and give a real insight into the minds of some of the world's greatest Othello players.

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