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BGP 2015 Final Standings:

Points are awarded for the following places in any BOF Regional tournament:

1st 200; 2nd 160; 3rd 120; 4th 100; 5th 80; 6th 60; 7th 40; 8th 20; 9th 10; 10th place and below are awarded 5 points.

Ties are not resolved and all tied players are awarded points equal to the total points awarded for the tied players should a tie-breaking mechanism be used divided by the number of players.

For example three players tied for third place will each be awarded 100 points. This is equal to the sum of points for third and fourth and fifth places (120+100+80 = 300) divided by three (100)

Should there be any fractions, these are ignored and 1 added to the number of points awarded. For example four players tied for seventh place would each be awarded 19 points. This is equal to the some of points for seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth places (40+20+10+5 = 75). This divided be four is 18 3/4. Ignoring the three quarters and adding one makes the points awarded equal to 19. Ties between BGP standings are resolved by the number of tournaments where maximum number of points are awarded (200) then number of next highest (e.g. 160) and so on. Should this fail to determine a BGP winner, then a play-off match will be held.
                              L-O SHM CAM Total
 1. Imre Leader               200 200 400  600
 2. Roy Arnold                 40 120 160  320
 3. Phil Marson               140 160      300
 4. Marie Lightman                100 120  220
 5. Iain Barrass              140          140
 6. Ken Stephenson             20     100  120
 7. Neil Stephenson           100          100
 8. Ben Pridmore               70           70
 =. Stephen Rowe               70           70
L-O = Leicester-Oadby
SHM = Sheringham
CAM = Cambridge

Othello® is a registered trademark of Anjar Co and Character Games Ltd.