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ALL MIXED UP A collection of classic online games. Challenging, fun and suitable for kids of all ages.

BRAINKING.COM Play old-style Reversi (center four squares blank) and a number of other games by Email. This site controls all the moves.


GAMESDESIRE Polish site - offers a variety of online board and card games as well as games to download

GENERIC GAME SERVER (GGS) Incorporates the original Internet Othello® Server (IOS). A GUI client (Windows) can be found here

GOLDTOKEN.COM Classic board games


ITSYOURTURN.COM Play Othello® (Reversi) and a number of other games by Email. This site controls all the moves and let's you know when it's your turn (hence the name).

PLAY OK Formerly known as Kurnik. Among many board and card games, it also allows people to play the Othello® game against other people from around the world. The site is 100% free and even contains no advertising banners. Now the favoured site for the top players.

MSN GAMES BY ZONE.COM There are many games one can play here.

PLAYSITE Supports many different games including Othello® (as Reversi).

RICHARD'S PLAY-BY-EMAIL SERVER One of the oldest sites, where all moves are by email.

THAI BOARD GAMES ONLINE Thai site. As well as Othello, it features Thai Chess, Thai Checkers, Chess, Chinese Chess and Go.


VINCO ONLINE GAMES (VOG) One of the best Othello® game sites. The GUI is attractive and user-friendly. All players are rated and level of play is wide ranging, from beginner level to world championship players. However, a subscription fee required to really enjoy it.

YAHOO GAMES There is a wealth of board, card, dice and tile games to play here.

If you know of any other sites where you can play Othello®, email Roy below and let him know. He'll be pleased to include them.

Othello® is a registered trademark of Anjar Co and John Adams Leisure Limited